Special films for adhesive tapes

You will find at Infina various solutions for adhesive tapes, either standardized or for very individual requirements.


Single or double-sided siliconization

Films for adhesive tapes are normally siliconized on both sides for precisely defined adhesive orientation. Since the release speed greatly affects the release function, we can simulate your real conditions. We can achieve very high speeds, up to 300 m/min, and, equally, very slow speeds.


Definition of the adhesive force

Adhesive tapes are produced for very diverse purposes. They can have an intentionally very limited adhesive force, e.g. post-it notes, or they can have an infinitely strong adhesive force, as found with the application of components like inside mirrors in the automotive industry. In the latter case, an extremely strong adhesive must be used on the film and also hold under different temperatures and parameters.

To meet these different requirements, we offer great flexibility in production and a variety of release liner solutions. The so-called tackyfire additives in the adhesive, enhancing the adhesive force, are extremely effective here.


Integrated manufacture for color codes

With integrated manufacture, dyes are directly introduced into the film, on a single or two-color basis. This occurs with the use of color codes, to distinguish areas of the tapes with different adhesive forces quickly and easily from each other due to different materials.


Transfer tapes

With transfer tapes, the adhesive is transferred from the film to another carrier.


Individual solutions tailored to your requirements

The Infiana pilot plant, our in-house development center with its trained specialists and scientists, will find the right solution for you wherever special tapes for industry, the end user, or special applications (e.g. mobile telecommunications) are required. Because of our very extensive in-house production facilities, we can offer you every conceivable solution in the area of tape manufacture.

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Adhesives tapes

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