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About Huhtamaki

Huhtamaki is a global consumer and specialty packaging company with a good position in smooth and rough molded fiber products,  flexible packaging, foodservice paper cups and other products based on paper forming technology. In these operations we have a strong know how, technology platforms and business concepts that allow continued competitive advantage.

Whether grabbing a cup of coffee to go or eating a gourmet meal at their desk, today's consumer expects the packaging to reflect the quality of the product inside. With this in mind, Huhtamaki Foodservice Finland has developed a comprehensive portfolio of top quality, visually enticing products that will make your brand not only stand out from the crowd, but get picked up and go with it. Our product portfolio includes packaging solutions for small caterers as well as for big, international restaurant chains. Our key customers include major players from the fastfood- and coffee industry, as well as the cash&carriers and distributors from the foodservice business.

Today, Huhtamaki employs approximately 15,800 employees in 71 manufacturing units and several sales offices in 34 countries worldwide. Net sales in 2015 amounted to EUR 2,7 billion. Huhtamäki Oyj's shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.

Product Catalogue 2016




Pure Nordic Swan

We are proud to be the first to introduce the paper hot cup range with the Nordic Ecolabel - The Swan hot cup. The purpose of the Ecolabel is to contribute to a more sustainable environment. In addition the carton used in Swan hot cups is made of material from sustainably grown forests (PEFC).

The Swan label guarantees that the product is designed and manufactured in a best possible way for the environment, taking into account the entire product life cycle. The criteria for obtaining the Nordic Ecolabel are tight and only the best products can receive the right to use the Swan logo.

We offer single wall paper hot cups with Swan design in two sizes, 250 and 300 ml. In addition, customer printed single and double wall hot cups are available with Swan logo.