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Huhtamäki introduces PEFC –certified hot cups to the market

PEFC – Forest certification verifies sustainable forestry based on sustainable development. This means safeguarding the conditions required by species living in forest and typical forest habitats, safeguarding the forest workers working conditions and capabilities and making sure that the sustainability principles are realized in the whole production chain. Huhtamaki's Hämeenlinna unit was PEFC –certified in spring 2009.


Huhtamaki's whole BioWare hot cups rage in PEFC –certified. In addition, the PEFC- certified carton is used in the production of some customer printed hot cups and well as in the production of the caterline 175 ml hot cup and 250 ml coffee-to-go hot cup. The PEFC –certification is shown in the side of the hot cups as the PEFC –logo, in the product's packaging material and in all documents, including the invoiced and bill of freights.

You can find PEFC-Chain of Custody certificate from here.

For more information: www.pefc.fi