Huhtamaki in sustainability indexes


Kempen/SNS Smaller Europe SRI Index

The Index seeks to ensure not only that the sustainability criteria are met but also that they are significantly improved over time. Only those European companies that meet or exceed the strict business ethical, personnel management and environmental protection criteria qualify for inclusion.

Huhtamaki's share has been included in the Index since 2002, and was re-screened in 2005, 2008 and 2010.

OMX GES Sustainability Finland Index

The  OMX GES Sustainability Finland Index comprises the 40 best rated companies on the Helsinki exchange (NASDAQ OMX Helsinki) in terms of sustainability. The selection is based on how well they meet the international criteria for environmental, social and governance issues.

Huhtamaki's share has been listed in the index since its launch in 2010. Sustainability screening for the index is performed annually by GES Investment Services.