Insider administration

Huhtamaki follows the Guidelines for Insiders issued by the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. The Company maintains a public insider register and a company-specific insider register on persons holding an insider position. Pursuant to the Securities Market Act, the Board members, the CEO and the Auditors will be registered in the public insider register on the basis of their position. As GET members belong to the senior management and receive inside information on a regular basis, Huhtamaki has decided to register them in the public insider register. The company-specific insider register contains information on persons employed by Huhtamaki who, by virtue of their position or duties, receive inside information on a regular basis. The company-specific insider register is not public. A person may also be included as a temporary, project-based insider in an insider register created for major or otherwise significant projects.

 Persons included in the public and company specific insider registers may not trade with the Company’s shares or option rights during the period between December 31 and the publication of annual accounts of the Company, as well as during the period between the last trading day at NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd of the period for which an interim report of the Company shall be prepared and the publication of such interim report.

The insider registers of Huhtamaki are maintained in the insider register system of the Euroclear Finland Ltd. Project-specific insider registers are maintained by the Group Legal Department.