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Egg packaging

Optimal egg packaging – maximal care
Eggs are fragile and require extra care throughout the supply chain. When eggs travel from farm to packer, from packer to wholesale and/or supermarket, and finally from supermarket to the consumer, the journey may sometimes be long but the eggs must still remain absolutely intact and fresh.

Moulded fibre egg packaging, be it an egg carton, egg family pack or egg tray / filler flat, provides optimal protection for eggs throughout the supply chain. The material is strong yet soft enough to protect eggs against breakage during transport or storage. The material is breathable, the moulded fibre absorbs, prevents loss of moisture and keeps the eggs from picking up undesirable odours and flavours.

Egg packaging that stands out
In a busy supermarket shelf environment the packaging must grab the consumer's attention immediately. Every egg pack is loaded with information, some of which is required by legislation. The space left for branding and promotion must be utilized wisely. Huhtamaki offers several different moulded fibre egg carton designs to enhance differentiation and market positioning.

For printing and labelling Huhtamaki has several options available, such as 4 colour printing on the top, sides and in-lid, as well as labelling. The manufacturing techniques include rough-moulded fibre and after-pressed-moulded fibre egg trays and cartons.

Huhtamaki ‘Packs for Eggs' is a comprehensive egg packaging range consisting of:

moulded fibre egg carton effect 12

Egg cartons
  molded fiber egg family packs

Egg family packs
moulded fibre egg tray with eggs

Egg trays

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For further information, please contact Sales/Customer service >>

moulded fibre egg cartons in fridge