About us

Pioneer in molded fiber

Our experience in molded fiber packaging solutions covers more than a century! Martin L. Keyes laid the foundations in 1903 in Maine, USA. We learned how to do it right from him back in 1920, even before the Huhtamaki group was founded. The production of molded fiber egg packaging started in 1927 and quickly became one of the cornerstones of the Huhtamaki Molded Fiber Group.

Knowhow in molded pulp technology

Since 1979, we've been applying our knowhow in molded pulp technology on a broader scale. In addition to our production of protective food packaging, it has also resulted in a prominent position on the market for molded fiber machinery and processing. To ensure a reliable supply of raw materials from renewable sources, we also set up our own recycling facilities.

The group has grown rapidly since 1979 and now has 11 production locations all across the globe. Our European offices are located in (Northern) Ireland (1935), The Netherlands (1938), France (1960) and the Czech Republic (1993). Outside Europe, Huhtamaki has operations in Brazil (1989), Australia and New Zealand (1950) and South Africa (1955). In 2000 and 2003, we also opened factories first in Egypt (Joint Venture) and then in Russia.

Molded fiber packaging solutions

We offer egg cartons, fruit trays, wine carriers, cup carriers and protective buffers for consumer electronics and other products. Responding to growing market demand, we specialized over the years in customized solutions for protective molded fiber packaging. Flexibility and continuity for our customers are key. Sustainability and renewable resources are guiding principles throughout the supply and production chain.