Molded fiber egg packaging – sustainable, protective, attractive

Egg packaging – designed to travel and protect

Your first interest is maximum efficiency in handling and transport with the lowest possible risk of breakage and waste. No matter how long the road is from the chicken farm to the supermarket, the end-user should be able to count on a fresh, unbroken egg.

Egg packaging – designed to pamper and protect

Molded fiber egg packaging combines efficiency with protection. Molded fiber is solid, however it offers a soft and protective buffer.

Egg packaging – designed to suit your goals

Egg producers, packaging specialists, wholesalers and supermarket chains: they all trust our sustainable egg packaging solutions. Our delivery program is an excellent fit for a wide range of transport, protection and presentation requirements. Our printing and labeling techniques make it easy to add your signature style to the packaging.

Egg packaging – designed to stand out

How well does your egg packaging stand out on the shelves? Are your brand and company colors used to maximum effect in relation to the required production information? What is the most advantageous position to showcase price discounts or promotional offers? Molded fiber egg boxes and egg trays are not just sustainable, they also represent your product well and provide information. Discuss printing and labeling options with our consultants!

Product range

Egg cartons Egg family packs Egg trays

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