Fruit Trays

Huhtamaki offers a range of molded fiber fruit trays designed for the crate & box packaging, transportation and safe storage of every conceivable type of fruit, for instance apples, pears, tomatoes, melons, stone fruits, avocados and much, much more. Thanks to the wide variety of sizes and cell separators, you can adapt your packaging range to your specific preferences in each season. At any time of year, you have access to the undisputed advantages of molded fiber packaging: optimum protection, functionality and efficiency, plus the assurance of sustainable materials and production processes.

Product range

Melon tray - 20x30Melon tray - 40x30Melon tray - 60x40Tray Packs - 50x30Retail display tray - 60x40Aporo Tray

Our product data sheets are showing general product information, product specifications may vary between the manufacturing units. We advise customers to contact the local manufacturing unit for the local specifications. Huhtamaki therefore accepts no liability for relying on the general product data sheets in this website.