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From Finnish woods to the world – drinks at McDonald’s in the Nordics are served from Huhtamaki’s cups

Cold drinks at McDonald’s restaurants in Finland are served from cups made at Huhtamaki’s factory in Hämeenlinna. The McDonald’s cups have a new, international look.

Cold drinks in other Nordic McDonald’s restaurants are also served from Huhtamaki’s cups: the Hämeenlinna factory delivers cups to restaurants in Sweden, Norway and Denmark alike.

The cups are made of PEFC certified paperboard, manufactured by Stora Enso in Finland. The PEFC certification verifies that the raw material used for the paperboard is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

McDonald’s restaurants in Finland and food and drink packaging specialist Huhtamaki have partnered for a long time: cooperation in Finland began in 1987. Globally Huhtamaki delivers packaging to McDonald’s restaurants in over 30 countries. In addition to cups, Huhtamaki supplies McDonald’s restaurants with a number of other items such as lids, wraps, boxes and take away bags. The product range varies between countries.