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Huhtamaki has launched ‘Eatwell’, a range of paper food containers

Huhtamaki ‘Eatwell’ paper food container range for on-the-go

Huhtamaki has launched ‘Eatwell’, a complete range of paper food containers, which, thanks to its carefully considered choice of sizes, is one of the most extensive ranges now available in the UK foodservice market.  Created to provide the market with a versatile and comprehensive disposable packaging solution suitable for a wide range of takeaway foods, the aptly named ‘Eatwell’ range is the perfect choice for operators serving healthy, gourmet or indulgent eating concepts.

With the popularity of breakfast pots and snacks to-go, lighter ‘grab n go’ choices are more appealing than ever before – especially to those who are aware of what they eat. The new ‘Eatwell’ range is ideal for serving quality takeaway choices which appeal to lifestyle-conscious consumers, from superfood salads and root vegetable stews; to snacking options and sweet treats.

Choose from plain white (with a choice of paper or new ‘wheel’ feature plastic lids); the popular ‘enjoy’ stock design or customise with up to eight colours to create an impactful custom print that will advertise your brand as customers eat on-the-go. Made in the UK at Huhtamaki’s Gosport factory, these colourful ‘enjoy’ containers are suitable for hot and cold food, and are available in a choice of seven sizes (7oz, 8oz, 12oz tall. 12oz squat, 16oz mid, 16oz tall and 24oz).


There’s now an option to suit every appetite or meal choice.  Use the smaller sizes for breakfast options like porridge, fresh fruit, yoghurt and cereal; or sweeter treats like frozen yoghurt; as well as for savoury snacks such as nachos, mixed nuts and olives.  Simply fit with a plastic lid to prevent spills. Italian pastas and oriental noodles look great served in the 12oz and 16oz pots, as too do hot snacks like spicy chicken strips and sweet potato wedges; as well as cold food choices such as Greek salad and Moroccan cous cous – even homemade slaws.  For more hearty soups and Asian-inspired broths choose the larger 24oz size.  Alternatively, why not use the various sizes to offer a complete takeaway meal solution?  Use the large sizes for main dishes such as sticky barbecue pulled pork, and serve side orders like mixed beans as accompaniments in the smaller containers – great for those looking to make the most of the ever popular street food trend!

These ‘enjoy’ containers are coloured according to size and are stackable to save space, so you can simply reach for the correct size pot at a glance in accordance with the order placed.  What is more, for improved convenience they are supplied in user-friendly combi-packs, with the containers and lids in the same case – great if you’ve got limited kitchen space!

The new food containers, like the rest of the ‘enjoy’ range, are recyclable and made with 100% PEFC certified paperboard, so you can rest assured that you are buying with confidence from the industry’s leading supplier of disposable paper products to the UK high street!

Offer your customers the chance to ‘Eatwell’ and call Huhtamaki on 02392 512434 or visit