Huhtamaki PeelGrid® THE newcomer in medical packaging

Huhtamaki PeelGrid® - THE newcomer in medical packaging


Developing packaging for the pharmaceutical industry is a tricky task, because the features of the packaging must fulfil strict requirements and meet particular specifications.

Huhtamaki now offers a revolutionary alternative to medical grade paper currently on the market and is presenting the new grid varnish coating for which the patent is pending.

PeelGrid® is THE innovative solution for sterile packaging in the medical sector. It can be used both as a flat pouch with sealed edges and as a cover film. Customers from the pharmaceutical sector can enjoy the following additional advantages:

• Very wide processing window with improved hot tack

• Able to seal against PE, PP, PET and PVC

• Toluene-free as a matter of course

• Only one specification for various applications/packaging sizes

• Global supply, including corresponding sealing films

• Cost and material savings

The product also meets existing requirements of sterilisable varnished grid paper, such as a microbiological barrier, sealing against various films, fibre-free tearing properties and the inability to be resealed.

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