Centres of Excellence

Cutting edge technology and expertise under one roof
The Flexible Packaging segment today offers one of the widest range of flexible packaging and labelling options from its global manufacturing locations. Global Centres of Excellence in Germany (Ronsberg), India (Thane and Khopoli) and Thailand have been established to:

• Support teams in inducting new technologies
• Assist in developing innovative offerings in existing technologies
• Work with global and local suppliers of raw material and machinery
These Global Centers of Excellence are equipped with state-of-art equipments and resources to provide assistance to carry out shelf life studies for an extensive range of products.


Huhtamaki-PPL has a rich history of global recognition for achievements in numerous awards that have been won across national and international forums of India Star, Asia Star, Dupont, World Star and others. These awards represent the highest level of excellence in the field of Packaging applications.
These Awards reflect our knowledge and technical competence, but for all at Huhtamaki-PPL, the highest satisfaction comes from having delighted customers.

Worldstar 2013: Pure Magic Canister

Pure Magic is a premium, cream biscuit offering from Britannia. While they launched this brand in a traditional flow wrap, they were looking at a packaging  option to communicate premiumness.
The Canister Pack is an innovative, cylindrical format made out of a paper board based laminate. The tall, rigid nature of the pack creates an attractive shelf appeal. We have used a metallised film to give a rich look, then printed with a special offset process and enhanced the graphic with a textured, high gloss finish.

Worldstar 2013: Ice Cream Cone Sleeves

Ice cream cones are a value added, high growth category in India. The challenge was to design and manufacture world class ice cream cone sleeves using low cost raw materials.
Since low cost paper is highly porous, we have used an extrusion laminate of foil / paper for printing. The uniqueness of these ice cream sleeves lie in our ability to print high quality graphics, inspite of the uneven paper and the inherent variations in the extrusion process.

Using indigenously developed process expertise, the graphics have been augmented and reproduced to a level where the pack looks very appealing, creating happy customers.

Worldstar 2013: Turning Point Shrink Sleeves

Trinity Vintners launched a bouquet of Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Shiraz Cabernet and Rose for which they wanted a young and fun based contemporary look.
Our solution was to decorate the glass bottle with a skin tight metallic shrink sleeve which gives a classy, premium look to the product. The technical challenge was to have a flawlessly smooth, heavy lay of silver, which post shrinkage does not have any ‘gathering' marks.

Worldstar 2014: Horlicks Gold Shrink Sleeves

Horlicks is one of GSK’s leading brands, committed to amplifying and improving food's nutritional value through science. Horlicks is available in a range of delicious flavours!  Recently, a premium variant of Horlicks was launched called “Horlicks Gold”.
The challenge for us was to differentiate this pack as a premium health drink. Our solution was to decorate the bottle with a rich gold shrink sleeve which gives a classy, premium look. The technical challenge was to have a flawlessly smooth, heavy lay of super speciality gold ink which does not have any imperfections (called ‘gathering’ marks) post shrinkage.
The gold sleeve with high lustre enables the pack to be viewed over longer distances. It also appears to have “movement” when one walks along the aisle of a departmental store because of the differential reflection of light at different angles, forcing even a busy consumer to notice the Horlicks Gold bottle.

DUPONT International Technical Award for Packaging Innovation & Excellence - 2004

The Dupont Diamond Award is one of the highest recognition, rare and much sought after awards in the field of packaging. 
Holographic Foil for Blister Packs help to prevent counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products. The focus of this technically superior innovation incorporates continuous hologram security seals in the foil of pharmaceutical blister packs, including surface printing with a gravure process to provide added counterfeit protection.

Asiastar 2014: Moscovsy Profile Pouch

A unique combination of aesthetics and material specification to take care of the product requirement. This pouch was developed by us keeping in view the Russian market requirement.It is 9 colour job with 4 layer of material structure designed to avoid the foil cracking as well as give body to the pouch so that it can stand on shelf without buckling.
This is a shaped pouch with zipper and foil based structure for enhancing the value of the product by giving it a premium look and required shelf life.

Asiastar 2014: Paper Boat Profile Pouches

This specialized profile cut stand-up pouch with the slim look is well in line with the ‘HEALTH’ concept of the drink, which has been achieved through the profile cut of the pack & the stand-up with spout feature provides the ready to drink functionality & a distinctive self presence to the product.

IFCA Star 2015: Knorr Thai Vegetable Soup

This pack has an excellent combination of Matt & gloss imparting a premium effect to the pack. This structure of the pack has been designed such that it imparts stiffness and excellent barrier properties.