Food safety and hygiene

We are granted the BRC/PPM, HACCP and ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000 qualified by SGS as confirmed of our high-quality, clean and safe products.

  • ISO 9001 Version 2008
  • ISo 22000 Version 2005
  • HACCP codex
  • BRC-PPM Version 5

Responsible sourcing

We are clear on our purposes and why we are relevant to our customers. Hence, we are very clear on what we do and how we do. We do business with integrity, each of us have been guided by our Values and our Code of Conduct. Hence, wherever and whenever we are, we prove our compliance by acting in professional ways.

Our safe working environment

"Your safety is our priority" is the principle at Huhtamaki Vietnam. This is our care not only for our internal employees but also external visitors.

You will see and feel when you come to Huhtamaki Vietnam!