Huhtamaki unveils Adtone™ cup with digital content

Huhtamaki Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania today introduced AdtoneTM, a single-use paper cup with digitalized connection. The AdtoneTM cup comes with a heat activated thermochromic label and a QR code with programmed link to customer’s website.

The new digitalized connection makes the single-use paper cup a perfect media for smart device centered promotional campaigns. Consumers interact with a coffee cup for several minutes at a time and pay attention on what is printed on it. AdtoneTM cup delivers the message effectively while enhancing the customer experience with fun and relevant digital content.

The unique and dynamic QR codes are controlled with special digital data management software turning the coffee cup into truly smart packaging. Thermosensitive printing keeps the code hidden until usage, safeguarding the promotional content for the customer until purchase of the beverage. When a hot drink is poured into the AdtoneTM cup, the heat activates the thermochromic printing on the label, revealing the unique QR code. By scanning the code with a mobile device, customer can access promotional website and the associated digital content.

The smart code management software ensures that each promotion code can only be used once and dynamically changes the digital content after use. Huhtamaki AdtoneTM enables cafes and restaurants to run variety of campaigns from loyalty rewards to prize winning promotions. It is also a great tool for joint promotions and makes the cup a perfect companion to digitalized media content.

Click on Image to see how AdtoneTM digitalized single-use paper cup works.

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