About us

At Huhtamaki, we're global specialists in packaging for food and drink, dedicated to making every consumer experience enjoyable, consistent, and safe.

We understand that packaging is about so much more than just what goes around a product. It's about building brands, protecting reputation, and opening up new opportunities in new markets. That's why we're on hand, around the world, working as long-term partners to our customers as they develop and grow.

Wherever we are, we adapt and deliver packaging that meets local demands. We work efficiently and with respect for the world around us, demonstrating our values every day – always providing quality products with reliable service.

Huhtamaki Australia offers a standard design product range as well as customised packaging solutions. The world's most famous brands use our packaging solutions to communicate their brand, boosting functionality, versatility and appearance.

Our key customer markets include foodservice operators, fast food restaurants, contract caterers, quick service restaurants and beverage companies, coffee companies, coffee roasters and cafes, and retailers via a network of specialised distributors serving these industries.

For innovative food packaging or product packaging solutions, Huhtamaki can cater for your every need. Our strong know-how, technological platforms and businesss concepts in product packaging can create a continued competitive advantage for you.