Environmentally friendly packaging which promotes high functionality and a low impact on the environment

Bioware® is Huhtamaki's sustainable packaging concept. Bioware® offers a wide choice of quality enviromentally friendly packaging products ranging from disposable tableware to food containers and other packaging solutions.
The products in Huhtamaki's Bioware® range are made mostly from renewable natural materials that decompose completely in industrial composting conditions.
The materials, production methods and disposal of the Bioware® products have been designed to minimise their impact on the environment – in other words, to optimise their impact in relation to the requirements placed on the product packaging.



How to dispose of your Bioware® packaging products

All Bioware® environementally friendly packaging products are certified in accordance with EN13432, the European norm for compostability of packaging.
When disposed of in the optimal conditions (60ºC, 95% humidity) of an industrial composting facility, environmentally friendly Bioware® products compost into soil in 45-60 days.








Bioware® environmentally friendly packaging

In addition to improved sustainability, functionality and convenience, Bioware® environmentally friendly products have still the same advantages as normal single-use products:

•  Food safe

•  No need for dishwashing

•  Strong and durable

•  Faster and more focused customer service

•  Light to carry

•  Customised printing for paper packaging products


Huhtamaki's Bioware® products range includes:

Chinet® renewable and recycled plates and bowls

Chinet® plates are made from renewable and recycled materials and are compostable in industrial composting facilities. They are strong, durable and have a leak-resistant construction that can be trusted for even the heaviest dishes. The elegant, classy and timeless appearance fits in everywhere from an upscale buffet to a picnic in the park. Chinet® renewable and recycled plates and bowls are available in a variety of sizes and they are microwave safe.

Bio-plastic Chinet® Bioware® cutlery

Chinet® Bioware® cutlery is made from IngeoTM PLA and is certified for composting where industrial composting is available. The fork, knife and spoon complements the Chinet® Bioware® range of plates and cups.