Future Smart™ Plant PE Cup

The 100% renewable paper cup made from plants. It's time to renew your packaging

By building sustainability into the beginning of the life cycle, our Future SmartTM paper cup represents a giant leap forward by eliminating use of fossil-based materials in single-use packaging. It’s our commitment to the future.

Born from nature
Conventional paper cups contain non-renewable fossil-based materials. Our innovative Future SmartTM cup is 100% renewable as its moisture barrier coating is made of plant based polyethylene and the paperboard itself is sustainably certified.

Paper sourced from sustainably managed forests
PEFC Chain of Custody certified paper and meets the obligations under the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2012.
Saving the planet need not come at a price to your business
Our Future SmartTM cups go through the same production process and deliver the same industry leading functional performance as our traditional PE coated paper cups.

100% food grade and keeping it local
Future SmartTM cups are suitable for both hot and cold beverages as well as food. 
Our Australian manufacturing facility is producing Future SmartTM cups locally.

Drive the change your customers want to see
Your customers want to do the right thing for the planet, with Future SmartTM cups, you’re making it easy for them to do and feel good while aligning your brand with their aspirations. Our Future SmartTM Plant PE paper cups address true sustainability from the very beginning of the life cycle.

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