Introducing Huhtamaki Future SmartTM

100% renewable plant-based paper cups


The world is changing for the better. New materials and technologies lead to new solutions that significantly reduce dependence on fossil oil-based materials and offer more consumer choice and chance to enhance brand experience. Huhtamaki Future SmartTM paper cup is the first 100% renewable paper cup made from plants. Future Smart is suitable for hot and cold beverages, ice cream and takeout food.


FutureSmart™ paperboard is made of 100% renewable plant-based materials.


    Paperboard from PEFC certified forests  

     Plant-based PE coating

    No carbon content older than 100 years

    The first cost economical bio-based cup solution  



Why now is the right time to renew your packaging?


Renewable packaging is a real alternative to traditional plastics. Paperboard made from wood sourced from continuously growing, sustainably managed forests and plant-based PE coating offer a giant leap forward in sustainability in a manner that makes perfect ecological and business sense. Perfectly suitable for both hot and cold drinks as well as food, Huhtamaki Future SmartTM plantbased paperboard is the perfect business reason to re-new your beverage and food packaging.


Join us in pioneering a new sustainable future.