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Novelty! Nordic Ecolabel paper plates

Swan product family expands - Paper plates

Swan-labeled paper plates are now available from Huhtamaki Nordic Oy. By buying Nordic Swan Ecolabelled products and services, you as a consumer can contribute to a more sustainable environment, and be among the millions of people in the Nordic market who daily make more climate-friendly choices.


The Nordic Ecolabel certifies that a product is a good environmental choice.

• The Swan label guarantees that the product is designed and manufactured in a best possible way for the environment, taking into account the entire product life cycle.

• The criteria for obtaining the Nordic Ecolabel are tight, for example, products must contain at least 90 % renewable raw materials, they have to be recyclable or compostable, the chemicals allowed are strictly limited and the energy consumption and emissions in production are also taken into account.

• Only the best products can receive the right to use the Swan logo

Also custom-printed Swan-labeled paper cups and plates are available

Nordic Ecolabel -brochure