Whether you’re looking for packaging for food or beverages, you can count on us to provide for the best solution. We offer broad range of foodservice packaging solutions for on premise, drive thru and takeout service. Our technologies include paper, plastic and fiber forming, so you can always find the right packaging solution to fit your specific needs. Our assortment is designed for both small local businesses and large customers with international needs. We are the pioneers of sustainable materials, such as the use of bioplastics. Our group of key accounts consists of fast food and coffee shop chains, food and drink service, as well as the distributors in these sectors. You will surely find a solution to your needs from our comprehensive range.
As a specialist in beverage cups, we can offer you a wide choice of paper and plastic cups and lids for both hot and cold beverages. Our cups are known for high quality of printing and PEFC certification guarantees paper cups are made of paperboard from sustainably managed forests. We supply to many leading international and regional quick service restaurants, coffee bars, convenience stores, breweries as well as beverage companies.
As the take away trend is still going strong, packages also have to match the rising demand and meet the purpose. Our high quality packages are especially designed for food serving and take away. With our products we want to create a positive experience among your customers with your offerings. We have a wide range of paper, plastic, and bio paper food packaging products for cold & hot food. We also offer customer printed food to go products and develop new products for your needs.
Bioware is a complete range of high quality single use foodservice products made up of renewable plant materials that are biodegradable and compostable. Bioware range offers a solution for both hot and cold drinks as well as for serving food. Product range draws on the best materials to make it simpler for you to choose more sustainable packaging. By choosing Bioware products you are playing your part in reducing environmental impact as the raw materials used are from natural sustainable and renewable resources.
Our broad range of tabletop and take away products meets the needs of modern catering services. Our offering includes attractive generic printed products or you can order packaging with customized printing. Whether looking for packaging for on premise or take away use, we have broad range to choose from.
We have a wide assortment of different sizes of vending cups for your use. Ask also with customer printings and embossings.
Our retail assortment contains high quality products that follow the latest trend and helps you to create a beautiful table setting for everyday life, family parties or holiday season. Tableware prints and designs are made with collaboration with Finnish designers.