Sustainability - integrated part of our functions

For us sustainability means environmental protection, social equity and responsibility to develop products which fit for purpose. Comprehensive responsibility from environmental issues means that we are continuously monitoring and developing sustainable aspects in our functions and products.

Packaging has an important role in protecting food throughout its value chain. We design our packaging to be effective and safe, and to protect the food product before consumption. Optimal packaging, which is fit for purpose in all stages of the food value chain, establishes a good base for a low environmental impact. To enhance this, we are constantly innovating and renewing our products, for example by taking new raw materials into use, light-weighting the packaging or making recyclability easier.

Our Corporate Responsibility agenda focuses on four themes:
     •    Packaging we make
     •    Our supply chain
     •    Our manufacturing operations
     •    People



By combining our packaging knowledge with the renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material base that Huhtamaki has, we are able to meet customer demand for functional packaging that are produced according to the sustainable principle, honouring environment.

When assessing sustainability we have been taken into account all the requirements for the packaging throughout its value chain. Responsibility and raw material traceability is a great part of sourcing and safe usage.


We manufacture disposable tableware and packaging with the minimum environment load. We are committed to constantly reduce production waste and improving plant efficiency. Efficient use of materials and energy reduces waste, is cost-effective and it allows us to be a responsible partner to our customers.
The main waste streams in our processes are paperboard cutting waste, which is entirely recycled. Products are manufactured according agreed specifications and GMP (good manufacturing practise).  
All our products and packaging are recyclable and materials have clear, approved disposal instructions. To help our customers and consumers to recycle and respect the nature, all our materials have a recycling symbol that guide recycling process.

You can find local recycling instructions from local partner’s website.

Local nordic recycling organisations:
     •    Rinki Oy : Finland
     •    FTI  AB : Sweden
     •    Gront Punkt Norge AS : Norway



As a packaging converter our raw material suppliers are an integral part of our value chain. We are continuously assessing the quality and sustainability of our products, materials & suppliers during product`s lifecycle.  We also have accurate and documented quality management system.

We use only certified materials in our products and make frequently for example sensory testing and supplier auditions. We strive to source our all raw materials nearby, minimizing transporting and logistics pollutions.
In all our actions we are committed to act according to certified quality, - environment, - hygiene and safety management systems including wood fiber origin traceability system. Our certified operational environment proves that we have clear specified documented processes and responsibility to constantly asses and improve our operations.

Examples of our certificates and commitments
     •    PEFC-certificate
     •    Nordic Ecolabel
     •    ISO14001 & 9001
     •    International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) sustainable development charter
     •    Chemical industry’s international Responsible Care program

For further information regarding our commitments, please contact


We value and develop our people and want to offer them equal opportunities for professional growth.  We also follow the policy of the social responsibility standard (SA8000). Our safety management system ensures safe work environment, development of working methods and wellbeing of our personnel.

Workplace safety is the most important issue in our everyday work and our long term goal is to have zero occupational accidents. Safety at work is highly important in our daily operations and it is continuously enhanced, in particular by striving to impact employees’ attitudes towards safety and by encouraging people to proactive thinking.


35% of all material we use for packaging is from recycled sources