Recent innovation

Huhtamaki AdtoneTM cup

Huhtamaki Adtone TM is our smartest cup yet. We made the cup interactive with a heat sensitive label and a Quick Response (QR) code that links it to digital content.

Huhtamaki Adtone TM cup is highly effective advertising media. Consumers interact with a coffee cup for several minutes at a time and pay attention on what is printed on it. There are only few other communication channels that come even close.

High click-through rates (CTR) have been achieved ranging from 14 % to over 30 % in actual campaigns with the Huhtamaki Adtone TM cup.

The new Adtone cup gives consumers something they actually want, through something they use every day, delivering your message in a unique and memorable way.



The French Collection: a new collection of original cups to seduce the French people

An unique collection of paper cups:

  • 9 themes
  • + 50 designs

Why ?

  • Be different
  • Be close to your customers
  • Designs made for our standard cups sizes and customizable
  • Paper 100% PEFC
  • 100% Recyclables

How ?

1. Choose your favorite design

2. Get the artwork costs for free

3. Add you logo if you want

4. Order them

More designs to come on 2017!