BioWareTM is the complete Huhtamaki range of disposable packages, industrially compostable and of the highest quality. It encompasses industrially compostable hot and cold beverage cups, covers, plates, bowls, containers and cutlery. With these articles, you will make a strong statement about the environmental awareness of your brand. Besides, you will meet the growing demand for "green" products.
Love Nature hot paper cups
Our popular BioWare hot paper cups are made of bio coated laminated paper. The coating is made of biopolymer which is fully compostable in accordance with Vincotte EN13432. The design is modern & dynamic and available in 4 colours, mixed in one sleeve and also possible with customized printing.
CPLA lids for hot paper cups
According to our BioWare hot paper cups, Huhtamaki offers CPLA lids as a sustainable lid solution to complete a full range of compostable disposables. Crystallised PLA convinces by its high melting point, which is suitable to cope with hot contents like coffee or tea.
Future Smart
The world is changing for the better! Introducing our first 100 % renewable paper cup made from plants. Huhtamaki Future Smart TM Plant PE eliminates the use of materials from fossil based petrochemicals and is the first cost economical cup with bio-based lining for moisture barrier. It’s a giant leap forward in sustainability. Only paperboard sourced and made from PEFC certified managed forests qualifies for the production of this new type of cups.
BioWare cold drink cups and lids made of PLA
BioWareTM cold drink cups and lids offer exactly the same handling features as products made from traditional plastics. The cups are also suited for use at temperatures up to 40° C due to their material properties. Our cups have a natural origin as they are made of renewable resources and meet all requirements in terms of usage, appearance and hygiene. They are as clear as glass, shatterproof and ideal for cold food and drinks. Remarkably: the plant starch which is used to make PLA grows back again every year! They are certified in accordance with DIN EN13432. Personalise our cups with your design and stand out from the crowd!
Fresh close with lid made of PLA
Fresh close is a concept from Huhtamaki - a BioWare packaging cup with lid. The whole range is suitable for all kind of chilled food. BioWare combines the demands of today's customer with the need to preserve our environment for tomorrow. BioWare products are compostable and certified in accordance with EN 13432, the European standard for the compostability of packaging. This means that BioWare products can be completely degraded at industrial composting facilities.
Product catalogue
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