Vending cups
Coffee specialties in vending machines will prevail to be a major trend. Consumers can choose from various delicious hot drinks in vending machines – analog to offers of coffee shops in pedestrian shopping areas. Individuality of the cups is getting increasingly popular. Whether 150, 180, 200 or 300 ml, different diameters, colours or vending cups with embossing, at Huhtamaki you get everything from one source.
Vending cup ToGo Premium
Our TO GO Premium vending cup with 80 mm upper diameter is especially developed for the new generation of vending machines. The plastic vending cup is available in XL size with 300 ml filling volume for trendy coffee specialties “grande”, as well as a small sized 180 ml version. TO GO offers secured vendability and feels comfortable. The modern design with the particular shimmer catches the eye!
Vending cup Compacto
This attractive PS Vending cup is available with 150 ml or 180 ml filling volume, in white and dark-brown/white including reduced stacking height. Compacto is perfect for the use in coffee- and hot drink vending machines. Characterised by the embossed coffee beans and an attractive shape, this vending cup offers excellent handling and stability despite its weight of only 3,3 grams.
Vending cup thermo
Our standard range of thermo vending cups comprises of 150ml and 180ml (filling volume) cups. Both are also available as lightweight versions, the standard brown-white 180ml cup can even be offered featuring reduced stacking height. The choice of different colours completes the assortment.
Indi Cup
Let your cup be the promoter of your own brand! Huhtamaki´s Indi Cup is distinctive with its individual and attractive design, an excellent communication instrument. With our Indi Cup you`ll receive a valuable cup with engraving of your label at reasonable cost.
Paper Vending cups
The orange WHIZZ design and the brown coffee-like coloured RAINBOW cups are our stock paper vending cups in 150ml and 180ml size. Matching lids can be equally chosen from our catalogue.
Premium Paper Vending cups
Huhtamaki has developed a unique concept which enhances the existing vending product line of premium paper cups. This line’s fresh design lends individuality and originality to the product being filled in. With regard to quality and running safety this concept is a valuable asset to the existing range of vending cups. To protect the top cups in the sleeves from external pressures during transit and in storage, yellow coloured ”safety cups” are on top of each of the stacks.
Biocoated vending cups
Our popular BioWare paper vending cups are made of bio coated laminated paper. The coating is made of biopolymer which is fully compostable in accordance with Vincotte EN13432. The design is modern & dynamic and available in 4 colours, mixed in one sleeve and also possible with customised printing to support your brand.
Vending & Water
Huhtamaki is able to offer low weight PP water cup range ideal for e.g. water and all kind of cold drinks. Choose between our two standard sizes 180 ml and 200 ml. Low weight combined with respectable quality. Optimized logistic costs thanks to reduced stacking height.
Product catalogue
Please have a look at our product catalogue to find the details to all of our products.