Bioware - New hot cup size range and design

Huhtamaki Henderson is launching a new compostable cup range in 2017 with a fresh new look that will surely help heat you up on those cold days. These cups will feature the new Love Nature design in four tasteful, muted tones inspired by colours from the natural world. Colours include earth, moss, sand and pebble and are available in a mixed sleeve of the four colours. The new design of four will complement our new range of sizing, four cups one lid, 225, 280, 335 & 355ml.

The new range is also available in custom print options, for samples and further details please do not hesitate to contact your local account manager or one of our friendly customer services team.

Huhtamaki offers not only compostable cups but also a full range of compostable options including plates, bowls, takeaway boxes and cutlery. Our compostable range is ideal for those wanting to keep the environment and sustainability in mind when hosting events and purchasing single use disposable packaging.   

Compostable products are a great option if disposed of in industrial composting conditions.