We treat our world with respect

All Bioware products are 100% compostable in industrial composting conditions. Under optimal conditions (approx. 60C, 95% humidity), they compost within 45-60 days. This makes them the perfect choice to meet the growing demands for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging.

Bioware products are compostable and certified in accordance with EN13432, the European standard for compostability of packaging. This means that Bioware products can be completely degraded at industrial composting plants.

What are we doing to reduce, reuse & recycle around energy, water, waste & emissions?

Energy: Huhtamaki Henderson continuously monitors energy usage relative to units produced.

Water: Since 1996 Huhtamaki Henderson has collected, and accumulated in storage tanks, the water from on-site roof tops and uses it as cooling water. Additionally, we have an artesian water source which is also utilised in our production processes.

Waste: Huhtamaki Henderson has held ISO14001:2004 since 2006 which ensures we have policies and processes in place to meet all legal and international environmental standards.

Emissions: Huhtamaki Henderson has no manufacturing emissions that exceed local government standards.

Material Efficiency: This is naturally very important to Huhtamaki. Targets are set to further improve our ability to convert as much as possible of the incoming material to saleable product and reduce skeletal waste.

Product Stewardship: Undertaking a commitment to follow guidelines for degradable plastics. Participation in industry thinktanks; a signatory to the Packaging Accord.