Complete packaging solutions for foodservice and fast moving consumer goods
Whether you're looking for packaging for food or beverages, you can count on us to provide the best solution. We offer a broad range of foodservice packaging solutions for on premise, drive thru and takeout service. Our technologies include both paper and plastic, so you can find the right packaging solution to fit your specific needs. They are proven and tested by many of the world's leading consumer goods brands and quick service, fast food, casual dining and café chains.
Beverage to go
As a leading specialist in beverage cups, we can offer you the widest choice of paper and plastic cups and lids for both hot and cold beverages. Our cups are known for high quality printing and now our paper cups are made of PEFC certified paperboard from sustainably managed forests. We supply to many leading international and regional quick service restaurants, coffee bars, convenience stores, breweries and beverage companies.
Our sustainable Bioware product range combines environmentally friendly materials with no compromise on quality. Bioware products offer you a simple way of contributing to a more sustainable environmental performance. Still, the Bioware products offer you the same advantage as normal single-use products: they are safe to use, hygienic, and convenient.
Our catering range offers you a wide range of paper and plastic products from plates/bowls/straws through to containers and cutlery. From 50 packs to 250 packs we have multiple sizes and quantities that cater for all your requirements.
Consumer Goods
The ability to have your product foremost in consumers minds is critical. Packaging is a key component in the promotion and branding of your product. Huhtamaki is able to provide the solution, either by printing or labeling our existing packaging stockline or the custom packaging developed specifically to your needs. We have the ability to provide paper or plastic packaging and use a range of technologies for printing and labeling.
Folded Cartons
We offer a broad range of folded carton packaging. Bespoke products from cosmetic packaging through to generic food-to-go packaging suited to salads, sandwiches, burgers and all street food options.
Food to go
From plastic containers to folded paper cartons for street eats we have the ideal solution for creating a fresh look across a variety of fresh foods. Available in a range of sizes.
Infant Formula
Huhtamaki Henderson has a clean room specifically designed and built to meet ice cream and frozen confectionery code of good practice approved by MAF regulatory authority. Within this clean room we have the ability to manufacture infant formula lids and scoops, we can offer a generic solution or customised to your specification.
Lily Retail
Lily is still making your entertaining easier. Lily by Huhtamaki is available in plastic or paper bowls, plates, cups and cutlery. Convenient to have in the pantry for any occasion, pick up a pack today for events both indoors and out.