About us

Huhtamaki Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania roots are in the 1960's when Huhtamaki operated its first packaging factory making tin cans in Finland. Shortly after packaging unit diversified into paper and plastic cup production and grew internationally into a leading packaging provider for the foodservice industry. At the beginning of the expansion period packaging business was named Polarcup. 
Name was changed to Huhtamaki, when mother company focused on global packaging after having divested its former candy and pharmaceutical businesses in the 1990's.
In Europe, Huhtamaki Foodservice manufactures today paper and plastic packaging in multiple production locations close to its key customers. Western Europe region serves UK, South European and Nordic markets with plants in Gosport (UK), Blackburn (UK), Nules (Spain) and Hämeenlinna (Finland). Central and Eastern Europe is serviced from plants in Czeladz (Poland), Istanbul (Turkey) and Ivanteevka and Alabuga plants in Russia. Additonally, German unit in Alf serves as a central manufacturing hub for plastic items and is Europe's leading maker of plastic vending hot cups. 

Huhtamaki is a leading manufacturer of packaging for foodservice in Asian and Oceania region. Huhtamaki Josco serves the world from 4 manufacturing locations in China and has excellent customization capabilities for special segments like Airline catering. Latest addition to the Asian manufacturing footprint is Butterworth plant in Malaysia. In Oceania, customers are serviced locally from the Windsor plant in Australia and the Henderson plant in New Zealand. South African market is served from the local plants.

Huhtamaki Foodservice Poland - your supplier of disposable packaging


We are a market leader and expert producer of paper, plastic, flexible and molded fibre packaging. The contemporary consumer holding a cup of hot coffee or eating a delicious snack expects that the quality of packaging is equivalent to the quality of its contents.

For 90 years globally and 20 years in Poland Huhtamaki has presented a wide range of disposable  packaging characterized by superior quality and attractive design. We know how to  make your brand distinctive from others and encourage consumers to choose it.

As a market leader in selected areas Huhtamaki Foodservice, irrespective of the location, is able to supply its customers with packaging that meets the highest quality standards at competitive prices.