What does Bioware offer you?

In addition to high performance and aesthetic products:

a simple way of contributing to more sustainable environmental performance

  • a visible demonstration of environmental awareness

  • PR appeal and media interest

  • corporate and brand image improvement

  • differentiation from competition

  • possibility for single waste stream

  • to be seen as an innovator with new solutions

... the opportunity to be a pioneer.

Complete biodegradable and compostable range

In addition to improved sustainability, highly functioning, convenient Bioware products have still the same advantages as normal single-use products - Guaranteed hygiene/No need for dishwashing/Safe/Light to carry/Faster and more focused customer service/Quiet in use/Possibility for customized printing.

Huhtamaki’s Bioware product range includes:

  • Paper hot drink cups
  • Paper cold drink cups
  • Clear cold drink tumblers
  • Lids for cold drink cups
  • Hinged-lid fresh food containers
  • Chinet plates & bowls
  • Strongholder cup carriers
  • Wooden  cutlery

How to dispose

All Bioware products are certified in accordance with EN13432, the European norm for compostability of packaging. When disposed of in the optimal conditions (60ºC, 95% humidity) of industrial composting facilities, all Bioware products compost into soil in 45-60 days. They can be disposed of through industrial composting, incineration, mechanical or chemical recycling.

Thanks to Bioware’s composting capability, there is now the possibility to create one compost waste stream for both the food and its packaging.

Success stories

Bioware products have been a success in several mass events, such as the Glastonbury Music Festival, the Athletic World Championships in Helsinki 2005, European Athletics Championships in Gothenburg 2006, Winter Olympic Games in Turin 2006 and most recently in the Copenhagen Climate Conference 2009.

Beer tumblers made of Ingeo TM PLA are in use as eco-friendly solution in the big major German football stadiums.

Bioware is also in use in the busy train line from Paris to Strasbourg and the beautiful Dutch city of Amersfoort, which aims to retain its medieval atmosphere, has included Bioware in its environmental development plan.