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Huhtamaki’s plastic lids for hot beverages

Huhtamaki resumes the production of plastic off lids in diameter of 80 and 90 mm in white color. Sales will start in late June 2016. Broad experience in production of plastic lids for comfortable on-the-go beverage consumption has enabled Huhtamaki to become a pioneer on the Russian market.

Why you should take Huhtamaki plastic off lids into account:

  1. The pitch tab on the lid prevents the drink from spilling. The pitch tab densely covers the sipping hole;
  2. The pitch tab can be opened and closed on multiple occasions. It does not break and holds on lock tightly, which ensures truly comfortable consumption of a favorite drink;
  3. Hygienic drink consumption – no need to touch the drinking hole with hands while opening or closing the pitch tab;
  4. Every single lid is tested for impermeability on Huhtamaki Russia plant

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