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During the year of ecology we are especially pleased to present the unique Future Smart product to your attention

Year 2017 is officially named in the country as the year of ecology. Recently, the environmental problems have become especially acute in Russia, and each of us is able to make a contribution to natural resources preservation for ourselves and our future generations.

Environmental awareness in Europe and America is much higher both among the manufacturers and the consumers. Care about the nature, minimization of damage and wise consumption is a norm there. Russia is only on the way to it, in particular, we still do not have governmental control over the use of eco-marks and clear definition of such concepts as “eco”, “bio” and “bio-degradable”. Unfortunately, it allows many companies to make their own interpretations of these concepts, thus misleading their customers and consumers. Today such markings exist – Global Eco-marking Network (GEN), Vitality leaf of the Non-Commercial Partnership “Ecological Union” – the only eco-marking in Russia recognized at the international level.

During the year of ecology we are especially pleased to present the unique Future Smart product to your attention, it completely consists of renewable vegetable resources – now including lamination.

Lamination in the Future Smart cup, which is required for tightness provision, is made not of petroleum PE (polyethylene), but vegetable PE (polyethylene) which is produced from the sugar cane.

Therefore, the product does not contain such non-renewable resource as oil. Paper used for cup production is certified according to PEFC standards. It means that raw materials arrive from the renewable forest. Future Smart is suitable both for hot and cold beverages and functions as a usual paper cup.