High functionality, low impact on the environment

Bioware is Huhtamaki’s future friendly packaging concept. Bioware offers a wide choice of quality products ranging from disposable tableware to food containers and other packaging.

The products from Huhtamaki’s Bioware range are made mostly from renewable natural materials and decompose completely in industrial composting conditions. The materials, production methods and disposal of the products have been designed to minimize their impact on the environment – in other words, to optimize their impact in relation to the requirements placed on the packaging.


What does Bioware offer you?

In addition to high performance and aesthetic products:

  • • a simple way of contributing to more sustainable environmental performance

  • • a visible demonstration of environmental awareness

  • • PR appeal and media interest

  • • corporate and brand image improvement

  • • differentiation from competition

  • • possibility for single waste stream

  • • to be seen as an innovator with new solutions

... the opportunity to be a pioneer.