Our Bioware range are certified as compostable via industrial composting facilitites. All Huhtamaki Bioware products are compostable and certified in accordance with EN13432 (the European norm for compostability of packaging), and are allowed to carry the European official compostable “Seedling” logo. This means that Bioware products degrade completely in industrial composting facilities in 12 weeks

Single wall hot cups

- Wide range of sizes

- 100% PEFC paperboard with PLA bio plastic coating

- EN13432 certified

- Choose from our Love Nature stock design or customise your own print

  • Tumblers & hinged food containers

- Made from PLA bio plastic

- Shatterproof and crack resistant

  • Chinet plates and bowls

- Chinet plates and bowls are ade from paper cup cuttings that have been recovered from Huhtamaki's own facilities

- 100% recycled content

- Premium quality tableware

- Sturdy yet lightweight

- Available in a range of sizes