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Huhtamaki Forge Ahead With Food-To-Go

The nation’s love affair of food and drink on-the-go continues to forge ahead, with a recent piece of research* indicating that the market could be worth £23.5billion by 2022.  Driving this growth are the consumer trends towards health and wellness as well as more global tastes and a push by the market to expand stores outside of London.  Innovative product development and changing menus are turning the food-to-go market into a very competitive arena with the food-to-go specialists set to outsize the quick service restaurants by 2022*.

With this rapid and continuing growth comes the need for innovative and practical disposable packaging. In response to this need, we have launched the Relish range. Folding carton products that will hold a range of hot and cold food – from salads to wraps to pulled pork and that will allow operators to serve food quickly and securely for eating on-the-go. There are initially four new products in the Relish range – clamshell, medium food box and two scoops.

All of the products in the Relish range are grease proof lined and made with 100% PEFC paperboard, they are manufactured in the UK, contain recycled content and are recyclable.  Relish comes as standard in very ‘on-trend’ kraft brown board.

The Relish clamshell is the perfect container to hold a burger or pulled pork in a bun or even a pie with mash and peas.  It offers a secure solution for consumers who want to quickly order, pick up their food and eat on-the-go, with minimum fuss.  The grease proof lining will ensure the outside of the clamshell is kept grease free, ensuring that consumers will receive their food in optimum condition.

The new Relish food box is perfect for fresh and vibrant salads or they hold a generous serving of rice dishes, falafels, nachos or hot dishes like spicy chicken wings and chips. Designed to deliver a fast, on-the-go eating option for consumers.

With two different sized Relish scoops in the range, there are options for sweet potato fries or wraps as well as more traditional choices such as onion rings.  The scoops are open at the top and allow consumers to hold the scoop whilst eating their food.  Again, grease proofed lined, these are ideal for a quick wrap on-the-go and fingers can stay grease free!

Offering practical packaging for food to go outlets, street food, mobile vans, QSR, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, festivals and outdoor events, the new Relish range of folding cartons complements the rest of our food to go and beverage to go ranges already avilable.