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TASTE Driving Food To Go With New Huhtamaki Range

Convenience continues to be a key driver for the Food To Go (FTG) Market in 2019, with demand pushing this sector over the £21bn* mark and growth predicted to yet again outperform the wider Eating Out Market. It’s a dynamic and ever evolving market with FTG requirements now spreading across the day from breakfast, lunch, snacks and into dinner.  To help operators to offer their customers the best possible FTG experience, Huhtamaki has expanded its bestselling Taste Range, specifically designed to meet the changing needs of this market. The incredibly successful range is already a favourite of FTG operators for  the unique ability to cook or reheat food in  some of the products in the range and then for customers to use the same pack to eat on the go.  Now, Huhtamaki have introduced a Gastro Burger box, a Hot Box and updated the 3 hot sandwich packs to cater to the trend for hot toasties, paninis and wraps.


The new Taste products offer key features to enable an operator to maximise their speed of service and deliver a perfect FTG experience for customers. The ingenious design of the Taste range means that they have excellent heat retention properties, to keep food hotter for longer.  They are also suitable for use in an oven and/or microwave, so food can be cooked in the packs and served straight to customers who can then eat from the cleverly designed packs.  With benefits such as greaseproof lining and being easy for customers to hold and eat from, the range enables operators to deliver a premium quality product to customers in perfect, ready to eat condition.



“In this competitive market, it’s crucial for an operator to provide an excellent on the go experience.” States Becci Eplett, Marketing Manager at Huhtamaki UK, “They must ensure that their food reaches the customer in perfect condition, and excellent quality packaging is a necessity, it has to protect what’s inside and allow the contents to be thoroughly enjoyed, so the customer has a brilliant brand encounter.  The FTG market is extremely competitive so it’s crucial to offer customers innovation that will keep them returning to your business.  We have an in-depth knowledge of the FTG sector and we have designed these new products to cater specifically to the trends that we are observing in FTG.  Their ovenable/microwavable qualities are beyond anything else in the marketplace at the moment and we make the Taste Range in our UK factory, so operators can be assured of our commitment to UK manufacturing.  The range is made from sustainably sourced paper and can be recycled where facilities exist.”


Gastro Burger Box

With gourmet and plant-based burgers increasing in popularity, this tailor made one-piece fluted burger box with a fitted lid and grease resistant lining is suitable for over the counter, takeaway and delivery use.  It has excellent heat insulation to keep its contents hotter for longer and it can be put into an oven up to 2200c for 30 minutes or microwaved so that food can be cooked and then served from the box.


Hot Box

An insulated hot box and lid with grease resistant lining suitable for pre-prepared or over the counter food. The hot box base is ovenable and suitable for use with the Turbo and Merry Chef ovens up to 2200c for 30 minutes (heat tolerance to be tested by customer) as well as microwavable, to enable food to be cooked or reheated in the box and then served.  With a window for customers to view their food, it’s an impressive portable box for food to go.


Hot Sandwich packs

Having improved the sizing of these 3 Taste sandwich packs, they are now perfect for a hot toastie, panini or wrap and are the ideal option for FTG.  The packs are fluted on the outer so are easy to hold whilst the excellent heat retention properties keep food hotter for longer.  Food can be heated in the pack as they are ovenable up to 2200C for 30 minutes and microwavable and they feature a perforated tear strip that enables customers to easily open their hot sandwich and eat on the go.