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Whether grabbing a cup of coffee to go or eating a salad at their desk, today's consumer expects the packaging to reflect the quality of the product it contains. As one of the world's largest packaging companies, Huhtamaki understands the vital part packaging plays in today's fast-paced, image conscious world. Consumers are continually looking for added value products and Huhtamaki offers a wide range of high quality disposable products to help your brand make an impact. Search through our online product catalogue by either material type or product category:

Product catalogue

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Perfume and Cosmetics Liners

With over 50 years experience providing premium Perfume and Cosmetics Liners, our reputation in the market is second to none, with a customer base spanning the globe. Significant investment over the last 5 years has been geared to producing liners and we are consistently monitoring and improving our quality and productivity. Unwilling to accept that a “Liner” cannot be innovated, BCP have invested time and resource into providing new profiles which: Improve packing line efficiency Increase sustainability of raw materials Reduce cost Offer alternative characteristics to traditional E and B flute to provide a point of difference Capabilities: Processes to accommodate both low and high volumes efficiently Vat dyed or printed papers Protective coatings including anti-scuff, rub-resistant, high gloss Standard , complex (glued) and cushioned liners

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