Whether you’re looking for packaging for food or beverages, you can count on us to provide for the best solution. We offer broad range of foodservice packaging solutions for all your needs. All are our technologies and materials are proven and tested in use by many of the world's leading brands. We offer customised print so that you can effectively advertise your business. Minimum order quantities apply.
Beverages to go
As a leading specialist in beverage cups, we can offer you the widest choice of paper and plastic cups and lids for both hot and cold beverages. Our cups are known for high quality of printing and now our paper cups are made of PEFC certified paperboard from sustainably managed forests. We supply to many leading international and regional quick service restaurants, coffee bars, convenience stores, breweries as well as beverage companies.
Food to go
Great choice of paper, fiber and plastic containers, boxes and trays ensure your food is always well protected on the go and conveniently accessible to the consumer for eating. The range includes specialized packaging choices for fast food, soups, salads, sandwiches, pasta, noodles and various other types of hot and cold food.
Our broad paper and plastic vending cup range meets the most demanding requirements of vending operators. Designed to ensure functionality with automated vending machines, the range includes cups in various sizes and also lids for on the go use.
Our broad range of tabletop and take away products meet the needs of modern catering services. Our offering includes attractive generic printed products or you can order packaging with customized printing. Whether looking for packaging for on premise or take away use, we have broad range to choose from. We have also capabilities to serve the airline catering segment with tailored product offering.
Our sustainable Bioware product range combines environmentally friendly materials with no compromise on quality. Bioware is a complete range of high quality single use foodservice tabletop products primarily made of renewable plant materials. Many of the products are compostable in accordance with EN 13432, the European norm for compostability. This means that products degrade in industrial composting facilities within 60 days.
Consumer goods
We offer state of art paper-based packaging for ice cream, dairy and other pre-packed food including bakery products. Our high quality printing provides leading consumer goods brands the packaging that gets noticed on the retail shelf.