October, 2018
An extended trial for the Fresh tray starts


Starting in October 2018 an extended trial version of a fiber-based, renewable, ready meal
packaging will be piloted with customers in the UK. Huhtamaki is part of a three-party consortium
developing an alternative to existing black plastic ready meal trays.

From this week, the packaging concept will be tested with three ready meals by consumers at
Waitrose stores for two months. The trial is larger than the retailer’s initial one in June. More meal
variations will be tested for a longer duration to understand whether the consumers still appreciate
the concept. The cream colour container is made of forest stewardship council (FSC) certified base
materials and is labelled as widely recyclable.

Project Manager Steve Davey from Huhtamaki says:
"The feedback from the first trial confirmed that consumers are genuinely enthused about the tray,
much to their own surprise! The trays delivered across all important attributes for ready meal trays.
Consumer feedback confirmed that they are sturdy and easier to handle. We are now building in the
key learnings and entering the second, larger trial."


June, 2018
Project Fresh at the Food 2030 Conference Bulgaria


The Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of EU is organizing a Flagship Conference dedicated to
Research and Innovation as a driver of sustainable food systems transformation. Such a
transformation requires a new way of doing science, research and innovation that puts the food
system at the centre.

Huhtamaki, Södra and Saladworks will be attending the Food 2030 Conference in Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
with project Fresh to showcase our project at the conference. Steve Davey (Huhtamaki) and Kerry
Jackson (Saladworks) will be representing project Fresh at stand 17 on the 14th and 15th of June.


May, 2018
Trialling a new fiber based ready meal packaging


A trial version of a renewable fiber based ready meal packaging will be tested with consumers in the UK starting end May.
Huhtamaki is part of a three-party consortium developing an alternative to existing plastic ready meal trays.

The concept is tested with two Italian style ready meals at a major UK retail chain in May-June. The trial is part of a project
aiming at developing a bio-based ready meal package for the UK market. The new tray offers a viable alternative to black
plastic packaging, which is problematic for the waste processers’ lasers that identify materials for recycling.

Ready meal consumption continues to grow throughout Europe and new sustainable solutions are welcome. The new
material feels like cardboard and is made of fiber derived from Forest Stewardship Council certified sources.

“We hope this novel solution will be well received and that this project will be a tipping point for the adoption of bio-based
packages in this segment. We know that alternatives based on renewable materials are needed,” said Steve Davey at Huhtamaki.

“Both producers and consumers are demanding alternatives to plastic packaging. The material Durapulp is a renewable
alternative and suitable for sensitive substances such as food,” said Catrin Gustavsson, Senior Vice President of
Innovation and New Business at Södra.


February, 2018
Packaging Innovations Birmingham 2018


The Fresh tray is present on the Huhtamaki stand at the Packaging Innovations Birmingham
Easyfairs show. The UK consumers are aware of the issues with plastics, food suppliers, retailers,
packaging companies are all present, showcasing their work showcasing a more sustainable, viable
alternative. Our Fresh tray was presented as part of the Huhtamaki innovation, A lot of interest in our
concept was generated.

December, 2017
BBI JU Stakeholder Forum


The Project Fresh team is happy to represent the BBI JU at their annual stakeholders forum in
Brussel. The team where able to network, and present their progress with all off the other BBIJU
funded projects as well as explain to fellow BBI members and senior officials the goals of the project
and work we are undertaking.