Design services

Repro right- printing right

As a full-service company the Huhtamaki Graphic Design Teams offer perfection, from advice, repro production and proofing to printing the final run, all from the same stable.
The team members are experienced, creative professionals with a wide understanding of packaging on the one hand and consumer behaviour on the other. They are thus well equipped and willing to assist you in perfecting your packaging design.
Your advantage: standardized repro material aligned on the production stage. In addition, with the electronic word and graphics processing systems, changes can always still be made and new repro films produced at short notice.

If you prefer, of course, you can commission an external advertising bureau to finish off the design for you. You supply the repromaterial and all Huhtamaki does is print it. Films supplied by the customer are regarded as approved for printing.

Digital design

Huhtamaki aims for the best quality. Which is why it already applies the most progressive technologies at the stage prior to the actual printing process. After all, the more efficiently packaging print is prepared, the more effective the ultimate result. Huhtamaki's own digital repro equipment makes this possible. The result is standardized reproductions aligned on the production stage and meeting the customer's requirements.

Expert advice

Are you looking for a partner with know-how that puts your packaging in the best light? Huhtamaki's graphic design experts are at your disposal. They can advice you on image conversion, colour composition, colour tones and combination printing. And they will supply with detailed reproduction guidelines.

Cost and time savings

Time is money. And you will want to use it as economically as possible with new reproductions and alterations, too. Huhtamaki's digital repro technology will help you with this.

Please contact Sales / Customer Service for design, repro and data transfer guidelines.