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Sustainably produced and eco-friendly

As the global market leader in sustainably produced molded fiber or pulp packaging, we come up with solutions that are a perfect fit for your market position, packaging processes, distribution requirements and marketing goals.

Molded fiber food packaging

Our specialization is development and production of molded fiber food packages: egg cartons, egg trays, berry boxes, apple and melon trays, wine bottle carriers and cup carriers. In all our food packaging solutions, we maintain the highest possible protection factor and maximize sustainability. We supplement these activities with the design and production of molded fiber in every conceivable 3D shape for protection, buffering and product presentation – good to know if you make electronics and/or breakable consumer goods.


We and our customers cherish sustainable, eco-friendly production. In line with that commitment to green enterprise, we have set up our own recycling facilities: incorporating the latest findings and most recent standards. Huhtamaki Paper Recycling collects paper at the local level which receives a new lease of life in accordance with the laws of sustainability and renewable resources. We use the recycled products as raw materials for our molded fiber packaging products and sell various quality levels of paper as raw materials for other paper-processing industries.

Product range

Egg cartons Egg family packs Egg traysFruit PackagingWine DividersCup CarriersCustom Packaging

Our product data sheets are showing general product information, product specifications may vary between the manufacturing units. We advise customers to contact the local manufacturing unit for the local specifications. Huhtamaki therefore accepts no liability for relying on the general product data sheets in this website.