Cup Carriers

A familiar sight at quick-service restaurants, coffee to go, football stadiums, major public events and gas stations: coffee for two, or a round for the entire group. There's only so much one person can carry, so Huhtamaki provides practical Cup Carriers .

As they're made from molded fiber, they are light, strong and environmentally friendly! Easily, unpack and denest while serving your customers.

By its very nature, molded fiber is a shock absorber. As a result, molded fiber is ideally suited to carry and protect cups, bottles and cans. Additional advantages: The carriers are made of FSC® certified  recycled paper and is in turn 100% recyclable. The carriers also carry our BioWare label which means that the carriers are compostable, a comforting idea when these trays unintentionally are ending up in the nature.

Product range

2 Cup Frisby2+2 Cup Frisby Spittable4 Cup Frisby4 Cup Frisby Pocket

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