Customized packaging applications

Consumer electronics  play an increasingly important role in everyday life. They  are  more frequently shipped by parcel post in which adequate  protection has become a standard consideration in marketing and distribution. Fragile products like  bottles for chemicals and cosmetics also deserve optimum protection. Molded fiber offers the protection  they need. Molded fiber packaging is  very sustainable, 100% biodegradable, FSC® certified and ideal for all your corporate branding needs.

100% green
It goes without saying that we add your chosen corporate branding and information to all the components we produce. By using molded fiber made from recycled materials, you align with today's most important consumer trend: a demand that manufacturers accept responsibility, for the environment.

Excellent protection, great presentation
Huhtamaki specializes in the development and production of all types of customized protective packaging applications. We make product-specific trays, contoured casings and buffers with sophisticated protection and positioning elements. Working in close collaboration with manufacturers, we produce customer-specific solutions that fit seamlessly into the production and packaging processes.

Through an inline after pressing process we can enhance the smoothness of the surface, providing an excellent consumer attraction.