Egg cartons – smooth, smart, green

Tell us your marketing goals; our wide range of egg cartons offers the right conditions to make them happen. Does your marketing strategy demand egg cartons that serve a higher-end market segment? Effect and Effect Plus guarantee a distinctive presence on the shelves. In Europe, all our egg cartons are available with the FSC® and BioWare™ label. It's a great way to tell your retailers or customers that you're going green!

Variation in egg cartons

We offer a broad range of options with enough variations to coordinate your egg cartons to your distribution and sales criteria. You can choose from Effect Plus, Effect, Top, Visi/View and Visi-Top. All standard editions are suitable to accommodate S, M and L eggs and come in sizes that hold 6, 10 or 12 eggs. For XL eggs, we carry a Jumbo variant in every product line, suitable for 6 or 10 eggs. Using advanced printing techniques makes it possible for you to entice and inform your customers in whatever way that you prefer.

Choose your own shape and colors and enhance your ‘green reputation'!

Think molded fiber is bland and unimaginative? Not once we've worked together with you to achieve the best egg packaging solution for you. We have full mastery of all the techniques you need to transform this seemingly dull, but sustainable and perfectly protective base material into eye-catching and colorful egg cartons. Size, finish, integrated full-color print or loose full-color labels: you can take it as far as you want to stand out on the shelves. You have a head start already: you'll enhance your green reputation by using sustainable FSC® and BioWare™ certified egg cartons, made from 100% recycled cardboard fiber.




Product Range



Effect Plus Effect  Top  Visi/View/Pick&Pack

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