Effect Plus - Efficiency, functionality and design

Egg cartons – designed to stand out

Targeting a higher-end market segment? Our sustainable Effect Plus egg cartons are designed for distinction. Efficiency and excellent protection go hand in hand with soft, round shapes and lots of room for advertising and consumer information. Effect Plus is a first-class molded fiber packaging concept.

Effect Plus – designed for efficiency

Development in egg packaging never stands still. The demand for maximum efficiency in the transport and packaging chain resulted in our innovative Effect Plus egg cartons. They are easy to denest and process quickly. Effect Plus egg carton chains allow you to realize key savings in storage and transport capacity!

Effect Plus – designed to entice

Effect Plus is more than efficient. Thanks to its rounded curves, Effect Plus is an enticing addition to store shelves. The Effect Plus egg boxes offer maximum room for advertising, promotions and consumer information. Effect Plus ranks high on the sustainability ladder and is available in Europe under the FSC® and BioWare™ label.

Effect Plus - Advantages

  • Designed to profile your products in a higher-end market segment
  • Surface finish allows for high-quality labeling and printing
  • Molded fiber egg box for optimal presentation and protection
  • Patented denesting and closing features for maximum process efficiency
  • Lightweight design takes up minimal room
  • Unique sustainability label for ‘green branding'


Product Range

Effect Plus - 6 Effect Plus - 10 Effect Plus - 12Effect Plus - 10 Jumbo

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