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Huhtamaki is committed to sustainability in both our products and our production.
Our new GreeNest egg carton is the latest result of a continuing program of sustainable development.

By using natural grass fibers to make up half of our carton material, we have cut back on the amount of recovered paper that we consume, reducing resource pressure on forest production. Moreover, with GreeNest production we reduce our water consumption by 50% as well as the overall carbon footprint by 10%, following our life cycle assessment calculation (ISO 14040:2006).

Nearly as natural as the eggs inside

We get our grass fibers from selected grass grown in protected wilderness areas, so we are not taking any grass from livestock. What's more, this grass has not been fertilized or treated, so it is completely natural - making it a perfect partner for organic and free-range eggs. Additionally our distinctive smiley label design, and the larger label surface that comes with it, gives you more space to reach out to your customers.

For more info, read our brochure or watch the GreeNest movie

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