NestPack - The premium

NestPack appeals in terms of appearance and attraction. This is why NestPack is the premium egg packaging for your brand positioning.

Premium Design:

NestPack incorporates a number of design solutions that contribute to its attraction and look.
For example: lots of extra room for communication and branding, the distinctive T-shape in the cups, the compact design of the carton and the clean color range underlining the brand and product experience.
The uniqueness of this premium egg packaging is reinforced by the fact that NestPack is made of recycled, FSC®certified paper.

Premium Communication:

The extra large communication surface makes NestPack stand out on the supermarket shelf.

NestPack's front face is 25% larger than that of other Huhtamaki egg packaging. Consumers value the large communication surface because there's more room for product and brand information.

Premium Protection & efficiency:

The design of NestPack incorporates a number of important customer requirements. This has yielded problem-free denesting and closing of the boxes, maximum efficiency and reliability. On top the NestPack cups secures a maximum protection for the vulnerable eggs.

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Product range

NestPack - 4 NestPack - 6NestPack - 6 Jumbo  NestPack - 10 NestPack - 12

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