Visi/View - The traditional carton

Visi egg cartons – stylish and visible

Customers want to see what they're buying, and Visi egg packaging offers that option. The optimally protected eggs can be seen without opening the egg box. The surface around the see-through panel is suitable for high-resolution, full-color printing.

Pick & Pack egg cartons

Suitable for open presentation of fresh eggs, these cartons are designed for customers who prefer to hand-pick their own eggs and choose how many they want, taking them from a sustainable, protective egg tray. These cartons come in standard and Jumbo size, suitable for 6 eggs.

This egg packaging range offers countless variations to meet your local market conditions and requirements. Holds 6, 10, 15 or 18 eggs. Feel free to contact our customer service department by telephone or email for more information.

Product range

  Visi - 6 Visi - 10 Visi - 12Pick & Pack - 3x6 View - 6 View - 10 View - 12 View - 10 Jumbo  

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