Wine travels with confidence thanks to Huhtamaki bottle dividers packaging.

Adapted to all bottle types

Huhtamaki bottle trays and dividers perfectly hug the bottles' curves. No matter how they're shaped, or where they're going, they will be totally snug. In addition, Huhtamaki's trays and dividers are light, practical, economical and environmentally friendly.

Nobility in presentation

Huhtamaki's trays also protect the bottle's labels and foil:

  • labels and vintage dates are safe from damage by collision or friction
  • molded fiber packaging offers a truly natural showcase

Molded fiber, a sense of protection

  • cushions and prevents shocks
  • protects from light

Taking your wine to the end of the world.

Product range

Bordeaux Burgundy Flute / Riesling StyleChampagne / SparklingMulti-bottles

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