Stock Systems

To manufacture from recycled paper a clean high quality pulp suitable for our machines, Huhtamaki has developed a pulping and cleaning system. The recycled paper is transported by a conveyor into a pulper, which is pulping the recycled paper. After the pulping the impurities (like plastic, staples, etc) are removed by means of a pulp cleaning system. The stock system is controlled by a PLC process control system. Based on local requirements the stock system can be customized to local required capacity. Furthermore it can be extended with chemical dosing and water treatment.

Capacity: 7 tons/day up to 180 tons/day recycled paper

Scope of supply

  • Paper conveyor
  • Pulper Cleaning equipment
  • Water/pulp tanks
  • Pumps & agitators
  • Piping, valves and controls
  • Control cabinet with PLC
  • Chemical dosing system
  • Water treatment equipment
  • Reject handling equipment


Contact details

Huhtamaki Molded Fiber Technology B.V.
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8938 AN Leeuwarden
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 58 20433 10

Peter Dijkstra
General Manager HMFT
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Jelle de Jong
Manager Technical Sales Department
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